The shutter tilt rod is the mechanism that controls the movement of the louvers, open or closed. Traditionally placed in the center of the panel, this wooden rod allows the simultaneous movement of louvers.


Divider rail can be added to a panel allowing control of the upper and lower sets of louvers independently.  This application is particularly useful if you enjoy the privacy provided by the closed lower louvers, but, don’t want to sacrifice the natural light provided by the open upper louvers.


Split tilt rod offers independent control of the upper and lower louvers as the divider rail, but, does not include the “rail” that separates the upper and lower tiers.


Hidden tilt rod option is also available for those who prefer a more contemporary look. A metal tilt rod is discreetly hidden behind the panel to allow full functionality of the shutter’s louvers.

Louver sizes vary and are subject to design and desire


The 2.5 louver is traditional for period style homes. Suitable choice to return to the look that made shutters famous. 

The 3.5 louver fits the majority of today’s market. This size will fit most window frames and combines contemporary elegance with tradition.

The 4.5 louver allows the greatest view out with less louvers per square inch. This choice might be made for homes with large windows, tall ceilings, or rooms with expansive areas. This shutter provides a look of lavish grandeur.  Additional clearance is needed to accommodate this louver size, but with custom trim from Oklahoma Shutters, anything is possible.  

Hidden Tilt Rod

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